Turn Your Sales Managers Into
Game-Changing Coaches

Friendly, easy-to-use platform that helps sales managers empower their teams – so you can increase your bottom line.

Live Training for Sales Managers

Outstanding leadership training from our team of high performance coaches via Skype or phone - so your sales managers can launch your team to the next level.

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The Coaching App

An app that helps your sales manager set goals; evaluate work; provide feedback; and measure results - all from one, friendly user portal.

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Simulation Resources

Training that simulates real coaching situations; so your managers can try new techniques and test their abilities - all in a lifelike environment - but without any risks.

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Be the Coach, Your Team Deserves

We can help you unlock your team’s potential and achieve stronger results for your business.

Real-time Analytics

Predefined Behaviors

User Friendly Design

Team Analytics

Video Recording

Video Coaching

Benefits of Simplifying Coaching

The Core Results provides insights on the key selling behaviors within your organization.

Simplifying Coaching

So your sales manager can coach more in less time.

Sales Manager Training

Enabling your sales managers to coach behaviors that get real results from their team.

Streamline Workflow

Instead of being buried in administration tasks, sales coaches seamlessly know who, when, and where to focus their coaching efforts.

Created by Sales Coaches

Benefit from the world-class expertise of an industry-leading coaching team.

Empower Sales Teams

Your sales representatives gain proficiency in the behaviors and skills that will allow them to create value and close sales.

Ready to Unlock Your Sales Teams' Success?

There’s just one person in your organization with the power to skyrocket your sales results: your sales manager.

  • Are you a decision maker wondering how to get real, measurable results from your sales team?
  • Have you been searching for a way to turn your sales managers into inspiring, game-changing coaches that launch your sales team to new heights?
Your search ends here. We give you powerful tools that help your sales managers become outstanding coaches, so your team performs at a higher level than ever before.


Created for Sales Leaders, By Sales Leaders.

  • Finally, a decision support tool that drives positive performance outcomes through a combination of managerial coaching, self-awareness, and connecting to business outcomes.

    Rodney Chapman
    Rodney Chapman
    PhD Global Education and Technical Training Leader
  • It provides us with metrics for the broader organization as a whole including talent management, sales, and training.

    Vice President of Sales
    Vice President of Sales
    Global Healthcare Company
  • A user-friendly, customizable tool that provides our sales managers with the ability to deliver real-time, consistent, deliberate, and thoughtful coaching.

    Sales Training Manager
    Sales Training Manager
    Women's Healthcare Company

Ready to Thrive?

It’s time for your organization to experience better sales than ever before. Try The Core Results today, and watch your organization transform.