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It’s no secret, Game-changing coaches are revered by those whom they coach. Coaching has the ability to reshape an employees’ performance, it can transform an employee’s development – professionally and personally.

Sales Managers are being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously and must decide where, when, how, why and if they will coach. The demands for their time often force them to defer focusing on things that are or appear to be complicated or overly time consuming.

That is where we come in! Our mobile application provides real-time feedback on seller behaviors and engagement to improve win rates.

At best, the average everyday manager may be remembered, and often not for positive attributes.

At the Intersection of
Technology and Performance

We’re a team of Sales Leaders. Our platform was designed to address our own needs at a time when we were leading a team of nearly 200 direct reports. There was limited opportunity to give each employee significant dedicated time– yet– we knew there was a better way to define, streamline, and reward employee development.


Traditional management protocols tend to represent a “do this, get that” proposition. This creates an environment wherein managers are telling rather than instructing –  inadvertently encouraging direct reports to fall into the habit of looking to managers for answers. This is problematic, because when managers are functioning as problem solvers rather than enablers, it’s a poor use of their time – the company’s time – and does little to help reps build their skills and confidence.


Alternatively, coaching guides sales professionals in developing independent problem-solving skills, leveraging their talents, and expanding their knowledge. This is the journey. Over time, an effectively empowered team will close more deals and share the coaching culture with new team members – enabling managers to lend their focus to creating strategic initiatives, rather than turning from problem to problem.

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Our Solutions

Coaching is a Journey

Developing talent is a process. Once we’ve helped you identify who to coach, the work begins in determining what, exactly, is required for them to grow into their best performance. Michigan and Manchester guides clients to meaningful, profitable, coaching cultures within their organizations. We believe an efficient coaching culture is integral to your business and is achieved when leadership inspires purposeful, profitable professional growth amongst team members.


Belonging, Matters

Consciously cultivating an environment of belonging inspires reps to be more connected and engaged. This is why business coaching is really more about people, than business! We provide solutions that help everyday managers focus on what they are most passionate about— developing talent and inspiring productivity in others.

Belonging, Matters

Consciously cultivating an environment of belonging inspires reps to be more connected and engaged. This is why business coaching is really more about people, than business! We provide solutions that help everyday managers focus on what they are most passionate about— developing talent and inspiring productivity in others.


It’s in the Data…

The effect of dynamic sales coaching programs is hard to dismiss. In fact, companies who engage thoughtfully structured coaching cultures achieve 28% higher win rates and reach 7% greater annual revenue growth. Yet, the implementation of random, informal coaching will lead to wasted time and resources for 75% of organizations.


Managers want to enable the professional development of their teams while proving their value to their organizations– and they deserve to be given the resources to properly execute.


We’ve identified and built out a 6 element Process x Methodology centric program, which turns engaged managers into successful coaches!

About Us

Leveraging Coaching x
Technology to Create
Sustainable Sales

Core is an AI driven sales enablement platform. We leverage leading edge technologies and proven coaching modules to enable forward thinking organizations in the ideation, and execution, of the most advanced, effective sales strategies possible. Developed by battle tested leadership professionals, Core empowers organizations struggling to maximize returns from their sales teams.


Amazing results from your sales team begin with investment in your Sales Managers. These leaders are critical to any high-performance team and have the power to transform sales reps when given proper insights like team engagement, xxxx . When your Sales Managers are great leaders– your team excels, and so does your business.

When guessing won’t do…

Did you know that more than 75 percent of sales organizations waste resources trying to implement random and informal coaching approaches? Or that over 60 percent of salespeople are more likely to leave their jobs if their managers are poor coaches? The absence of focussed, data motivated coaching solutions compromises employee retention and returns. Core gives managers the skills, time, and insights to coach their sales teams to outstanding performance.


Our AI driven platform is designed to transform managers into amazing coaches. Core provides the data supported insights and guidance necessary to facilitate effective, focussed coaching.

Here’s how it works…

By leveraging face recognition technology, our new architecture analyzes the responsiveness of sales representatives during a manager led coaching session. The technology detects biometrics like expression and emotion, then assigns an engagement score which is stratified into bands which represent specific definitions.

Based on these scores, the Artificial Intelligence assigns coaching insights specific to the team utilizing the platform. The manager receives real-time notifications including coaching direction specific for the team member being coached.

Our platform is easy to use, and provides users with custom, individual and team focused insights which are used to create individual learning plans for each employee – and provide insights to help organizations prioritize training needs.


Core enables managers to access insights which would otherwise be impossible to glean using traditional methods. For example, front-end algorithms align organizational competencies with each role within the organization with associated proficiency ratings.

Core creates confidence.


Organizations can now reinforce training with effective coaching. Managers become proficient and confident coaching and developing their sales team, and sales professionals receive consistent feedback and automated insight into their own development.

Great coaches are never forgotten, in fact they are unforgettable and inspire the next generation of coaches. This is what Core does for business. We create revered sales coaches and all star sales teams!

At our CORE

In 2012 while leading a diverse team of 186 sales professionals, we experienced all of the stress, frustration and anxiety associated with managing and coaching a large salesforce. As our founder was interviewing his predecessor to determine how the team’s performance had historically been measured, coached, and developed – he was offered these words.. “Here’s your F*&^ing Development plans.”


This sparked a commitment to developing a tech enabled system to set goals, assess the impact of coaching, and provide transparency to the team throughout the process. We believe employees deserve to know how they are being measured, and Managers should be trained to know how, when, where and why coaching is integral – so that organizations can benefit from increased R.O.I. on their investments in training and development.

We Embody Diversity

Our CORE team represents a collection of innovative leaders from diverse professional, technical and scientific backgrounds. This enables us to challenge, inspire and innovate solutions to help our clients design and roll-out customized coaching programs specific to their business challenges. These programs are a blend of interactive classroom experiences, practical hands-on activities, and virtual interactions which enhance leadership and management skills based on our proprietary coaching model. Core emphasizes emotional intelligence and collaborative skills.

We are honored to have partnered with some of the most recognizable brands across the globe in Healthcare, High Tech and Social Media to drive employee performance through coaching and leadership strategies.



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