In the future, people who are not coaches will not be promoted. Managers who are coaches will be the norm.
– Jack Weich, former Chairman & CEO of General Electrictric

How to Skyrocket Your New Employee’s Success

How do we guarantee employee success? Twenty years ago, a new hire would watch an instructional video, receive an informational packet, and be shown to their desk. The onboarding period would probably last one or two days - a week at the very most. Today, we know that...

Coaching Mindset – Are You Throwing in the Towel?

A UFC championship fight between Brazil’s Amanda Nunes, and USA’s Raquel Pennington recently captured attention when Pennington turned to her corner and said she was “done”. After telling her coach she couldn’t go on, the 29-year-old bantamweight title challenger...

Pre-call Strategy: Do You Plan or Prepare?

"Skipping pre-call planning is like going to the grocery store without a list. You get more stuff than you need, and miss some of the things you went there to get." Is it really possible for two distinctly different tasks to have relevance to one another? It's not as...

We’ve developed our services because we know that when your leaders perform, your team succeeds. And when your team succeeds, your whole organization thrives.
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