Everyone wants to do well in his or her career. Initially, most people strive to put their best foot forward. The second goal is usually to avoid missing individual or organizational performance objectives. This drive to be the best often leads to performance anxiety. Here are three other reasons you might experience performance termites – the gut-wrenching feeling that you might not be meeting standards and expectations.


1.    Limited Information

Few things create more workplace anxiety than having a project assigned to you without being provided with all the info you need to bring the project to satisfactory fruition. When assigned a task, be sure to ask for the due date, expected conclusion, reporting parties, budget, etc. Arming yourself with thorough information chips away at many of those performance termites.


2.    Lack of Feedback

Feedback between managers and employees is a critical component of job performance. When an employee completes a task and receives little or no feedback, they’re often left feeling bereft. Today’s workforce is made up of a culture laden with online reviews and that often leaves many employees in a position where they flounder when they aren’t given the praise or critique that appraises their performance.


3.    The timing of Performance Reviews

Few workplaces today eschew performance reviews. While such reviews can provide valuable guidance and feedback, they often come too late in the employee performance process. An upcoming review in the face of non-existent feedback and indirect leadership can leave many employees with their stomachs tied in knots.

Most people can avoid the angst of performance termites by asking for clear direction, requesting appropriate feedback and critiques, and putting as much time into performance preparation as possible. Leadership initiatives and personal confidence can also ease workplace anxiety. Start by taking an honest assessment of your skills and follow that with an open discussion with your manager or supervisor. With a little extra effort, the performance termites will exterminate themselves.


At the core of business success- across disciplines, across industries- lies a handful of truths, best practices, and strategies we must follow as business leaders to achieve the results we seek.

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