Modern sales workforces strive to find ways to keep up their motivation and productivity during the long workweek. From cold calling to follow-ups with prospects, we push ourselves to the limit to close the deals, while creating a strong customer base that is loyal to the products and services we sell. However, during the course of our sales strategies, we can sometimes lag behind in our performance.

There are many reasons for this lag. It may be that we no longer feel motivated as the sales numbers slip. We might encounter roadblocks in our sales techniques with few options to get past these hurdles. In addition, we may feel that we are alone in our selling efforts without an encouraging sales culture supporting us and bolstering our efforts to reach higher levels of productivity.

Another serious issue for sales teams is the lack of actionable and measurable feedback. This feedback allows a sales representative to identify problems that are causing them to struggle. Unfortunately, sales representatives may not receive regular coaching, or the feedback is so sporadic that it doesn’t do them any good because it comes to them too late.


Moving from the Lone Wolf Sales Culture Mentality

We no longer have to adopt the lone wolf mentality for a sales workforce. Managers and sales professionals can seek out more of an immersive workforce culture where people can increase productivity with real-time feedback and coaching initiatives.

Peer-to-peer connections provide immense benefits where sales reps are helping each other stay motivated and engaged. This strategy allows our workforces to maintain a higher productivity level and provide instant coaching opportunities when sales teams truly need them. Taking on a more “sales village” approach, reps are constantly in touch with one another. They are helping to point out problems with certain sales approaches and are providing more timely feedback to spur better sales performance from their colleagues.

Yet we should never lose sight that our feedback needs to have certain characteristics for it to be useful to the receiver. Focusing on specific, actionable feedback and mixing positive feedback with advice on how a sales representative can improve will allow team members to stay motivated. We all can take the necessary step to stop the downward spiral of poor engagement numbers and assist sales representatives at all levels to increase their performance by using our valuable feedback.

At the core of business success- across disciplines, across industries- lies a handful of truths, best practices, and strategies we must follow as business leaders to achieve the results we seek.

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